Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor fitness products are versatile equipment that is beneficial for a wide range of people.

In order to optimize the use of outdoor fitness equipment and take full advantage of the convenience, the equipment can be installed on trails, lakesides, roadsides, parks and by hospitals and schools. The equipment is commonly installed in neglected public areas (old playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.) as a way to repurpose the area to better benefit the community.

These products help promote active, healthy lifestyles through its’ uniquely designed equipment that targets specific muscle groups and emphasizes key components of fitness. The products are not only adjustable, kid-safe, durable, multigenerational, and of varying levels of difficulty, but also provide a number of exercise opportunities for those with mobility impairments. In addition the outdoor fitness equipment allows for social interactions and brings communities together.

Team REIL offers a variety of unique packages to accommodate for any community’s needs.

Here are a few links to see some products in use: